Thursday, May 10, 2007

Victims Of RepuTrace Stalking Unite (CoreX)

Recently, I became aware of a sinister corporate beast slithering through the bloggosphere as various bloggers and their words came under the scrutiny of the RepuTrace! In the coming days and months as this blog is discovered, let the victims of RepuTrace's vile and sinister stalking of bloggers be brought into the light of day as we share our stories of how this blight appeared on our blogs. A visit to their site paints a disturbing picture of a company, and a software meant to stalk and silence our voices one blogger at a time, one environmental activist at a time.

The goal of this have those bloggers who have been snooped by RepuTrace to link here, so that this blog replaces RepuTrace at the top of the search page every time someone tags the word RepuTrace. Together, we can drive RepuTrace off of the first page. If you are a victim of RepuTrace, leave your blog link in a comment! If you want to tell your story, let us know.

1 comment:

david said...

they checked out my blog.
i'm thinking this is either because i mentioned ontario power generation or first kuwaiti general trading and contracting.