Monday, May 14, 2007

Todays RepuTrace Adventures as We Search For The Blog Eagle

Well first, doing our whirl around the Internet, came across another blog where someone is not happy with a RepuTrace client harrassing and stalking one of their blogs:

Another harrassed blogger is!5147942F2A9EB812!961.entry has a problem with one of my Blogs (called the Strike is Over), they’ve hit it eight times in the past three days, I’m still trying to figure out which party is objecting? Someone go back and read and see if I may have slandered anyone with a lie, I can't really tell, because I'm too close to the words (having written them).

Thought next, we would share some of the ISP information we have gleened from our visitors (RepuTrace) North of the border...yes, that is Canada, home of RepuTrace. RepuTrace, this guy also has a Canadian ISP...could he be a RepuTrace client/ all can decide that. RepuTrace, this guy also has a Canadian ISP...could he be a RepuTrace client/ all can decide that. That's right, same information as the above floating ISP number. (link says site under construction.) The Q9 network, a high performance network that connects directly to all major Internet backbones, effectively placing customer web servers at the core of the Internet. With over 30 Internet connections, Internet traffic is automatically routed around network outages to ensure web sites co-located with Q9 always have the fastest response times available. (
Meanwhile, guess RepuTrace was not happy that I successfully followed one of thier hits on me back to them, and successfully used screen capture to see and view what they see, as they now have me BLOCKED...Oh, I am so DEPRESSED....NOT. Maybe for giggles I'll contact them for one of their free demo's.

You don't have permission to access /login/ on this server.
Apache/2.0.59 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.59 OpenSSL/0.9.7a DAV/2 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 PHP/4.4.4 Server at Port 80
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.

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