Thursday, May 10, 2007

To Defeat The Enemy, You Must Know The Enemy

What a catchy slogan RepuTrace has, "trace the venom" which is what we are doing with this blog as we gather steam. Trace the venom is our battle cry as we locate the assorted victims being STALKED by RepuTrace.

The RepuTrace is a willy and devious creature, capable of taking on many ghosted forms as it creeps and slithers from blog to blog, so beware of the beast. Some of its other forms beside CoreX include the following:

Use these tools to locate valuable information that would otherwise be like finding a needle in a haystack:

RepuTrace™ Monitoring RGM™, consumer opinion, employees concerns, competitors strengths and weaknesses and emerging threats to a company's reputation, brand and products.

BlogEagle Swooping in to grab what people are saying on blogs and chat rooms about your company or developments affecting your industry. Were these guys smoking big old fatties when they came up with this one? Can hear them now, "WOW DUDES, how about we like call this program BlogEagle? You know, like SWOOPING in, kind of like I did when I Bogart this joint."

PressPanther Diligently tracking media outlets of all sizes and kinds to monitor specific news and information to give you a unique, global perspective.

BrandProbe Is vital to business. It searches all forms of consumer conversation connected with a company, product or brand to ensure it is perceived as desired. Never mind that said company might be ripping people off, raping the environment, or worse, hiring illegal aliens to replace American workers.

As Elmer Fudd would say, be verwe verwe quiet, we're hunting RepuTraces! Trace the venom.

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