Friday, May 11, 2007

Seems Working Place Had Something To Say As Well About RepuTrace

Just a suggestion, but maybe RepuTrace should learn that citizens don't like NSA needlessly spying on us, so we damn sure don't like private companies doing it. Found the item below over on Work Blogging.

RepuTrace(TM) - The Corporate Security Intelligence Tool for small to large businesses monitors internal and external threats on blogs, forums,message boards, chat rooms, consumer sites, videos and images.

"Should you suspect an unsatisfied customer is spreading malcontent about your company, use CoreX to zero in on Web-based discussion forums. You can even monitor developments within your workforce in the event you have difficulties with disgruntled employees or just want to ensure your personnel are generally happy at work.

"RepuTrace also claims to be able to:

a) Find out what people are saying on blogs and chatrooms about a particular company or developments affecting a particular industry. But can they do dialogue?
b) Search all forms of consumer conversation connected with a company, product or brand to ensure it is perceived as desired. How about suggesting to those companies, less spying, and more quality in their products and services?
c) Track media outlets of all sizes and kinds to monitor specific news and information to give you a unique, global perspective.

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