Friday, May 11, 2007

Come On RepuTrack...Come Out Of Hiding, Enter The Debate

Come on CoreX/Blog Eagle/Brand Probe/Press Panther/RepuTrace, we know you are here, your scroll rate in the past three hours is remarkable...54 visits this morning!

Live up to your word, and ENGAGE in the debate with the blogging community, instead of letting your clients hide behind a mask. No one likes hidden agendas, no one likes to be spied on by Corporate Lackies out for their 35 pieces of silver. What, this one lone blogger, unhappy with your company STALKING my blogs bothers you so much that you are visiting this blog, on average today, once every THREE MINUTES?

54 We have checked, every one of these Canadian hits is from RepuTrace.

1 comment:

Entergy Slob said...

Breaking NEWS on the five minutes it took to write this post, they stopped by 15 more times!

69 69.00% Canada

Trace the venom.