Friday, May 11, 2007

RepuTrace...Inside The Belly Of The Beast

So, you go check your stats one day, and THERE IT IS, the beast from the black lagoon
there in your list, away from everything else on the list, RepuTrace! So, for those wondering what part of a Reputrace tracker/stalker does, here is a CLUE. It's a glorified search engine! In the case of their tracking me for instance, the search took 10 seconds, and returned 216 links to various and assorted sites and blogs that were tagged RepuTrace...Technorati does a better job, and from what I can tell, at a far CHEAPER PRICE. Here is one of the HITS that came up for my site.

19. RepuTrace Found On Consumerist Site
topics: dick cheney · snakes · spying · repugnant · anal probe · corex · reputrace · blog death troopers [more...] corporate mafia · brandprobe · blog eagle · slithering · Seems that the folks over at have been visited by our willy RepuTrace beast as well. Wondering if they were SWOOPED down upon like... sitemeter referrals: Reputrace is a blog monitoring service. They promise clients the ability to watch, "consumer opinion, employees concerns ... ...

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