Friday, May 11, 2007

RepuTrace Found On Consumerist Site

Seems that the folks over at have been visited by our willy RepuTrace beast as well. Wondering if they were SWOOPED down upon like a CoreX Blog Eagle, or if it was more of a dark and sinister Press Panther type of and attack. Maybe with their patented BRAND PROBE (is that similar to an anal blog search?), the folks at CoreX are actually alien beings, UFOs scouring the bloggosphere, visiting brand probes on innocent unsuspecting bloggers! Oh My GAWD! Quick, someone call Dick Cheney and the thought police.
This Is What A Ghost Looks Like #2 50 Views
Further proof that corporate America is watching The Consumerist. Just saw this hit on our sitemeter referrals:
Reputrace is a blog monitoring service. They promise clients the ability to watch, "consumer opinion, employees concerns, competitors strengths and weaknesses and emerging threats to a company's reputation, brand and products."

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